I’m Jessica Neal and I believe Kentucky values made our Commonwealth Great…

Low taxes, the Right to Bear Arms, and small government led to prosperity in Kentucky.

But now our Kentucky values are under attack…

For far too long, Frankfort has put those in power above the people.  Whether it be critical race theory indoctrination in our schools, bending the knee to Beshear’s mandates, or failing to fight for freedom, the “elites” in Frankfort have put the people of Kentucky last.

I say NO MORE.

Our rights come from God and no man can take them away.

But it requires a true Kentucky First Conservative to fight to restore our rights.

“I’m running for State Senate to put our Kentucky principles into action. And the first step to promoting faith, family, and freedom is to get the government out of our way!”

To Restore Kentucky Values, We Must

Champion Medical Freedom


Secure our Elections

Abolish the Income Tax

Defend the Constitution

Fight for the Unborn

Let’s elect an authentic, principled, conservative!