Why I’m Running

I’m Jessica Neal, Campbell County native. I am running for Kentucky State Senate to represent Bracken, Campbell, Kenton, and Pendleton Counties because I believe we need authentic, principled, conservative representation.

I was raised by parents who taught me the American and Kentuckian values of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I am running because the future of our great Commonwealth and Nation hangs in the balance.

Our God-given freedoms are at stake and the liberties we cherish are being stolen. Over the past 2 years, we have witnessed “15 days to slow the spread” turn into perpetual mandates with no measurable goals nor clear end in sight.

Politicians and unelected bureaucrats have amassed an unprecedented amount of power, and our very way of life is being threatened. Employees are losing their jobs over their objection to taking government- and employer-mandated injections.

Frankfort elites treat us as nothing more than cash cows, shaking us like money trees with every new tax increase.

Parents are being punished and harassed for speaking out about their children’s education. Censorship is enforced when anyone dares question the mainstream narrative.

The time is now for ordinary citizens to stand up and be heard. I am running to be your voice for liberty in Kentucky State Senate District 24.

I am Running for State Senate to Put our Kentucky Principles into Action.

Those in power failed to act in defense of ordered liberty. We will never be a free nation if we do not have secure elections. This is why I will fight for authentic election integrity in Frankfort.

Special Interests have corrupted Frankfort, representing the interests of anyone but the average Kentuckian. As your next State Senator, I will vote against every policy that continues to put Kentucky Last. My guiding principle is to put Kentucky First, and that means prioritizing Kentucky’s children. This is why I will stand up to the sick and twisted indoctrination known as Critical Race Theory.

As a lifelong Conservative, I know that life, especially innocent life, is our most valuable gift from God. Abortion must end and I will introduce a Life-at-Conception Act on my first day of taking office.

In an era of runaway inflation, supply shortages, vaccine passports, and a complete assault on the only way to guarantee our rights – the Second Amendment – we are becoming less free every day under the Biden-Beshear Regime.

As a Patriot, I will stand for our God-given rights, will NEVER vote to raise your taxes, and will continue the mission of our Founding Fathers as we promote Kentucky values in Frankfort.

I’m Jessica Neal – Authentic, Principled, Conservative. It would be an honor to have your vote for State Senate.